Our Vision

Definitive Finance – Vision Statement

To provide high quality professional service to those looking to realise their home ownership and investment dreams. To build business relationships with our clients based on mutual trust, integrity and service.

Why Use Definitive Finance?

Finding you the most suitable home loan from our panel of lenders is Definitive Finance’s commitment to you. We are lending specialists who help our clients realise their home ownership and investment dreams.

If you have spent any time trying to research which loan best suits you, through the web, or by phone, or by trying to get in front of a banker that has some knowledge of the products that particular bank has to offer, you will already know that it’s a huge and time consuming task. And when it is time to finally make the move, how can you be sure that your research is current and accurate?

Banks are forever looking to reduce their expenses. Most now prefer to source their loans through external lending specialists as they know how much it will cost them. Outsourcing has become an essential part of business.


By paying external lending specialists for business funded, banks have created a win/win situation for you. You can avail yourself of our full service and expertise, expecting that it will cost you no more than what it would if you did all the legwork yourself.

Our principal, Garry Thompson, and all our personnel have spent our working lives in banks and various other financial institutions. We understand how banks work and how their employees think. We understand how to best use the many loan options available, and which would suit your unique and individual needs.

Our processes are geared to provide you with a convenient, stress free experience. You will be kept informed every step of the way through to settlement, and can expect the highest level of service afterwards.

A shortcut through the maze of lending institutions is just a click away…Please contact us now.



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